Studio: Voice, Guitar, Piano

Cay enjoys coaching students in vocal hygiene, technique, and interpretation.  She works with students who range from beginners who love to sing to advanced students preparing for auditions.  Cay's primary foci are building tools to sustain vocal health, exploring a range of styles, and working to ease the inner judge and invite the curious creative. 

In addition to theatre, classical, and pop voice coaching, Cay enjoys teaching beginner thru intermediate guitar, piano, and songwriting skills.  Cay is not currently accepting new weekly students but is available for occasional coachings. 


Please contact Cay for more information on rates and availability.

"I am a strong advocate of the importance of approaching learning as a process, not a product. In music especially, the process becomes the product. A process-oriented approach must be thorough, effective, thought provoking, enlightening, expressive, and above all creative. Music is designed to be innately enjoyable. It is incumbent upon us as teachers of music to amplify that joy!"

― Eugene Corporon

@ 2020 by Cay Taylor

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